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Recap of Advance Options Trading Course

Welcome to yet another article regarding the advanced options trading strategy. As in the last article, we had learned about the categories of option strategy. I hope you enjoyed that article.

This is the last article about the summary for my advanced future and option and it is with you as I will take you through all the things which we have covered and after this article, you will have another article, one article where I am going to tell you the types of options Strategies and after that, I will start simple Option Strategies for you in this advanced series itself. So, if you remember we started from basic and then we go through advanced features of futures and options. I told you a lot of indicators in all. So, I will just take you through and just to jog your memory and then will move to Option Strategies. Let’s go and understand that.

I have conducted a basic course on the future and options for you and also an advanced course and in this article, I will take you through I will create a summary of all the articles which we have created.

Through a quick review of this course and how we have gone through this advanced course in which my purpose is after this summary article, I will give one more article where I will tell you that types of options Strategies and after that I will start giving you some normal basic of studies and after that, we will start the expert level strategy. I will start with trading psychology. How do you have psychology in your risk management system? How to set up the system? How do you have to put your positioning portion size? So, all these expert levels of things will start from our upcoming article.

Expert level of options Strategies and there I will give you some expert level of options strategies as well as for your understanding as a future and options strategy. See, after going through the advanced option trading strategy, you will be able to use futures and options as a hedging tool as well as a small trial also. Always I recommend future and options are the expert level of tools so always I will recommend you should understand completely and before putting your money after going advance option trading strategy, you can start doing research, you can start doing testing but before putting your actual monetary value, you should do your research as otherwise you maybe get into big losses or so you should go through an expert level of strategy.

I will tell you something like tools like charts. How we have to analyze some technical charts that will make you a complete expert. You will say yourself as a future and options investor or trader whatever you want to do with that only thing if you're an expert, you will never lose big. I was told you the investment is about managing your losses not about managing a profit. Profit will take care of itself. Hence, I am putting the summary.

So, just after doing an advanced course please don't feel yourself an invincible expert and start doing anything right after that. Just wait and participate at the expert level also. All I want to say to you is that money is not a problem, time is a problem. If you can, if you just give some of your time to me, trust me, after the three years, you will be the kind of investor who really can get 2 to 3 % return per month on your portfolio is the only possible thing you have to follow the procedure. You have to learn all the tools related to the option trading strategy. So, with that said so, I just want to thank all of you for being a part of our journey.

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