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Introduction of Future and Options

Updated: Mar 23, 2021


In today’s blog I’m making for all my members who are investors and want to be a part of stock market and today we will discuss about the future and options. Before that let’s understand that how we will learn this thing.

Friends I have one request from your side, please comment your suggestions that whether you want to learn about the derivative market from basic or advance learning.

In today’s blog I will also give you some tips from here and there and today I’m not taking any technical part. Although it’s a more technical oriented course for investors. So, let’s proceed and understand about this course and further, every week a new blog will be posted here in which we will discuss about the subjects and topics in relation to stock market so that everything will be perfectly synchronized.

So, in this blog you will learn about future and options which will include different strategy, how to achieve expert level, what is the psychology you have to develop, right time to buy or sell stock, mutual funds etc. Let me clear one thing that these blogs are going to be beneficial for investors and not traders i.e. those investors who wants to be in long term.

These blogs will help you to become independent in making decision regarding your investments. I’ll not discuss about those theory part which are not usable or which you may easily find in most of the books. For example: Explaining the formulas. Now most of the cases, software explains the formula, software calculates the formula. What you need to know is how to use those formulas to make decisions and not how to calculate the formulas. So that is the biggest blunder in most of the trainers who teach stock market. They teach more about theory and trust me friends there is huge difference in theory and practical.

In all cases, I generally divide my topics in 3 levels:

  1. Basic: Here we will discuss about the basic stuff about future and options which you need to know before you go to advance level.

  2. Advance: Once you learn the advance part you will be able to take a trade, Place the orders.

  3. Expert: At last, after learning Expert part, you will be able to use most of the applications, indicators, advance edge, IT Systems which use generally we use as a setup. So, it will be more on psychology because building psychology is very important.

You can know everything but you have to know that how to put an investor psychology, how to take profits and how to take losses.

I can say that I have not made a lot of money but also at the same time I have not lost a lot of money and that is a biggest achievement in the stock market.

You can also find the explanations of these topics on you tube at channel name of Mark2Market

Everything here you will also find there on you-tube but on you-tube I cannot be very explanatory and cannot take lots of example because if the videos size becomes big then lots of people does not like big videos. There are different people and every person has different level of understanding. Somebody may understand with 1 example and somebody may require more examples and basically me as a trainer have to take care of everything and everybody. I want to be ensured that everybody should be on the same page so that I will try to cover everything.

So, I have already explained you about the basic and now let us understand that what you will learn in Expert level:

  • Developing/ Setting up the system: Here you will come to know about how to do the calculations