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Introduction of Advance Option Trading

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Welcome to the brand-new articles related to options trading. We had covered all the topics related to the basics options trading strategies in our Basics of options trading for beginner’s article. I hope you have read all those articles. In the basics of options trading, we had learned about the psychology of options trading. We had covered the topics related to the Call and Put options. We had also learned about the Options premium, options Greeks, strike price, Implied volatility in detail.

So, if you read all those articles, then you know that we have already completed the basic course on Option Strategies and now we are moving to an advanced course on options strategy. I would like to congratulate all of you on your achievement to learn the basics of options trading.

So, you all are now graduate and congratulate all of you because you are now in just one percent of the World Population to know at least the basics about the options. If you find even the most knowledgeable person might not be knowing that much about options if you followed my article about basics on Option Strategies, then you might be knowing much better way than any other person.

So, let's the party begins. The real fun will begin now because now you are going to learn something which going to make some money; If I say a lot of money in all of your life. So, before I start the advanced options trading article, let me give you the outline of that advanced options trading article about what exactly we are going to learn in that article and how we will proceed.

As I have told you multiple times that in options strategy, there are four steps. First is your Market View, the second is strategies, the third is the adjustment and the fourth is the exit. So, we are going to cover all these topics one by one.

First, we are going to learn about how to make a market view because that is the most difficult part. Learning strategies very easy but making a market view that is correct most of the time is not that much easy. You may not be correct 100% time but if even 70% time you are correct about the market view, I think you can be easily millionaire by selling an option or buying options. But even getting 50% of Market View right is very hard to reach by you but I'll try to teach you with my articles.

This is going to be our outline of advanced level and we are going to have small but you can say to the point article in this advanced level. First, there will be prerequisites that what exactly do you should know before you are going to kick and start your journey.

So, you should have the Trading and Demat accounts. The second thing you should know is the market view? Third important point is that you are going to know about the adjustments tricks and how to adjust? When you are going to enter into the stock and what are exit rules and after that, I'm going to tell you the broad categories of strategies.

Why is it important because there are more than 200 types of strategies but there are some of the strategies which you are going to use? So, I am going to write only the real things which can win the race for you and the second part we are going to start about pure and security strategy. What is mean by pure insecure means? It means only those which I have worked myself and I feel that those that is generally work on. You must have heard that option sellers can make unlimited losses and limited profits. Yes, it’s true.

Generally, I do the option selling. I am going to teach you the option of selling with stop loss. That is the whole outline going to be which we are going to discuss in the advance option trading article. Read this. It sounds interesting now you might be looking at five points but each point will take at least five to ten minutes if I am not wrong. Not each topic but some topics like Market View, I will admit to writing about it because there are 10 to 20 parameters which were going to discuss and each parameter has to be explained.

So, maybe on each parameter, I can write one article. Then there is the adjustment. There are several ways you can adjust the strategies once they are in trouble. This might have to make one article and then after we are going to do some exit rules. You should know where you have to enter and where to exist because if you don't know, you will be stuck and you will be making losses.

Most of the time the people who know when to enter and went to exit are mostly those people who are successful options traders. Before you enter into these strategies, you know how to ready with all kinds of adjustments and if you know that where you are going to exit, then studies will be very easy.

So, with all these outlines, I would welcome you to the new and fresh advanced trading strategies which can earn you money and make your journey happy.

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